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format of the field in the view


format of the field in the view

  • Hi all 

    I have a small query related to the field format the way its displaying 
    I would like to display it as a number but its converting and formating to different way, how to set it up right in the view 

    you see on top it displays properly when I'm pulling it as a reference value its showing the same thing as a string.

    Is there a way to convert from string value to numeric and display.

    I've also tried doing by assigning it to a variable 

    x = "{!R82136505.loan_number}";
    return x;

    it returns as number but still when i show it to front end something goes wrong...
    its urgent kindly suggest

  • It seems like you see scientific notation in View. Are you using Formula field?

  • Yes robie.... is there a way to solve this structure...

  • Try using "string" as return type, not "decimal" which is default.

  • Try using something like "{!R629945#id}" and set Formula return type to "String"

  • well it is String value Robie and still it shows it as what I've mentioned above

  • Try using quotes around template token

  • well somehow many solutions did not help me..

    But this funny little mod help solve the issue by magic again....

    x = "{!R82136505.loan_number}";

    return x;

  • This way you use a string in your formula, not a number. Please use Formula debugger for more info.

  • I've tried all that i know in RB #pvorobie but the only above solution worked :(