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Values not receiving to other object


Values not receiving to other object

  • I'm novice out in RB and I have a question related to the data to be posted from one object to another.

    My condition is that when i save data e:g from a Decimal [ DATA TYPE]  from object A

    in Object B I would like to use the Field of  Object A which is Decimal type field in a formula field 

    The code would be some thing  {!field A} * ({!2334.object A Field } / 10)  - NOTE THAT THIS IS FORMULA (Decimal) 

    But my main issue here is even though there is value is field of Object A 

    when i validate always it shows " 0" in Object A field 

    e.g: 100 * 0/100  = 0 

  • Hi,

    Can you make sure that the quotient value of ({!2334.object A Field } / 10) is not zero? or field {!field A}is not zero too?

    Also make sure that the formula field "Return type" is decimal.




  • Try parsing the values too, something like this:

    var num1 = parseFloat("{!2334.object A Field }") / 10;
        num1 = num1 * parseFloat("{!field A}");
        return num1;



  • Thanks Orchid

    Well I made sure that no where the values are NULL or Zero

    and yes Return type is DECIMAL,

    My main problem is that its not returning values only from OBJECT A  

    Object A

    field type  : Decimal

    Caliculation location :  


    Return type : Decimal

  • tried that still it gets value 0

    Parsed Formula

    001 function wrapper() {

    002 /*194500.0 * (0/100)*/ - this is with the previous formula


    004 var num1 = parseFloat("0") / 100;

    005     num1 = num1 * parseFloat("194500.0");

    006     return num1;

    007 }

    008 wrapper();

    I also noted one thing even when i try to just call the field as simple as 

    {!R114103128.estimated_tax_rate} the result shows 0 
    Am I missing something really silly .....

  • {!R114103128.estimated_tax_rate} is this record was attached to the current object?



  • well i don't seem to understand your perspective "Attached"

    All I'm sure of is that is this is a formula(Decimal) field of different object

    If you are talking attached as a relation to one record  - Yes it is

    As the field value is coming from different tabs of different objects from same record

  • Sorry for confusing the term, I mean, if you created the formula field from Object B, is the lookup field "R114103128" has value and to debug it rbv_api.println("{!R114103128#id}"); - this should return an integer value and NOT "-1".

    In this case you can get something from {!R114103128.estimated_tax_rate}, but

    if rbv_api.println("{!R114103128#id}"); returns a -1 value then {!R114103128.estimated_tax_rate} will always 0.



  •  this is what i see when i run from debug mode for Id value 

  • This field "estimated_tax_rate" from "R114103128" should have value unless it is really 0.

    Since you already check that part I want to see the real transaction to help me debug on this issue too, can we have screen sharing?

    or go to and enter meeting ID

    Meeting ID: 176-619-341



  • Ooops so sorry missed that out... Please let me know when can we dicsuss on this.. this silly thing is bugging my head out

  •  wonder how... but suddenly the same old code " {!field A} * ({!2334.object A Field } / 10)"  start to work on its own.... really a MIRACLE

    If you ask me how I really don't know

  • That is good to hear!

    I also have that kind of situation where I changed all my codes and still didn't work but when trying to put back the old code then it starts working. :)