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Tabs on Main page of Object in place of List


Tabs on Main page of Object in place of List

  • Hi,

    When we click on the Objects It will show the related list of that particular object.

    Can we add Tab their and show the list in one the Tabs.

  • Hi Neetu,

    Could you please elaborate your question.

    As per my understanding you are looking for the following

    If not, please revert

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kiran Avs.

  • Hi Kangara,

    Thank you for your response.But I want to achieve somethings else.

    The Tabs view in following picture.

    I want to implement this tabs view in Object Main page.

  • And where in the Object Main page would you envision the "Account Info", Contacts and "System Info" tabs? (Those are the tabs you want on the main page, right?

  • Hi Santosh,

    Not exactly "Account Info","Contact","System Info" these Tabs I want. I want to add my own Tab.

  • Hi,

    Please find the below link for further information on tabs

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kiran Avs.

  • Hello,

    Since tabs are used for Rollbase specific purposes, you can't actually add the tab in the object's main page using standard Rollbase configuration. If really needed, you can use Bootstrap's native tab function since Rollbase is using Bootstrap as it's front end framework. However you might need to create additional coding to manipulate the page contents itself. Please check this link here on how to create tabs using Bootstrap

    Thank you,