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Strange behaviour design page


Strange behaviour design page

  • We're encountering some strange behaviour on some pages in the design mode. The table td is getting a style which I can't explain were it is coming from. 

    This is the style which I can see in the element inspector.

    We can't find this style in any of our hosted files or css.

    But the main problem is that the editor for editing custom scripts is not visible, when the edit button is clicked only a grey overlay is displayed:

    So we have no way to edit the script. 

    One another page we managed to delete the script component, but this had no effect on the style of the page...

    Anyone else encoutered this problem???

  • Hi Aede,

    Can you please provide the CSS Stylesheet used by your zone. You can check this by navigating to Administration Setup -> Account settings.

  • Hi Godfrey,

    We use the default CSS, so I'm not sure how to obtain that trough the client, is on the server?

  • You can view the file using your browser's developer console. Since your zone is set to use the default CSS Stylesheet, you should look for 'rbtheme.css'.

    Also, please check for Template Text fields in the object where the design page is not working. I've noticed that this type of field is applying the CSS rules when it is located on the Available Components section.

    I will also test this in the latest version and file a bug if the results are the same.
  • This issue also exists on version 3.0.5. Defect PSC00317004 has been filed.

  • Hi Godfrey

    I've checked the object for a template text field and it contained some css, after disabling this everything works fine again. So indeed the css of a template text field influences the design page.

    Thanks for your help!