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Integration with Social Media API


Integration with Social Media API

  • Hi,

    Can I integrate my CRM application with Social Media APIs like Facebook , Linkedin, twitter, Google analytic, mail chimp???.

  • You can use 'Send HTTP Post' or 'Send HTTP Get Request' trigger types to integrate with these APIs.

    Send HTTP Post trigger sends request to a specified URL. It can be used to send any XML or other POST request to a third party containing information and instructions gathered from Rollbase record data.

    Send HTTP Get trigger sends an HTTP GET request to a specified URL. It can be used to send a REST-style request to a third party.

    After the HTTP response is retrieved by GET or POST Trigger, the system stores two values and makes them available for subsequent Triggers through the getSharedValue() API.
  • Thanks for your response.

    Actually I am trying to create an application in Rollbase that run a marketing campaign in different social media sites like facebook twitter .and I want to track that campaign.

    My actual question is can we achieve this , can we track our campaign using Rollbase.

  • Before I answer your question, I need to know how you plan to track your campaigns. Do you have a Facebook application which handles the tracking?

    Rollbase can access the APIs of social media sites using Send HTTP POST or GET request but doing it the other way around is another story. These social media sites can only communicate to Rollbase using REST or SOAP APIs.
  • Hi Godfrey,

    I am tracking my campaign in social media  using Google Analytic.

    So can I show the google analytic statics or data in my CRM application??

  • You can extract Google Analytic data using Google API:

  • You can also use Google Analytics Embed API to display dashboards in Rollbase pages. For more information on this API, please check their documentation:

    So far the charts have worked in my page but it will require a user to login with their Google Account. Please paste the script below in a script component and update the value of CLIENT_ID:

    <!-- Step 1: Create the containing elements. -->
    <section id="auth-button"></section>
    <section id="view-selector"></section>
    <section id="timeline"></section>
    <!-- Step 2: Load the library. -->
    <script> {
      // Step 3: Authorize the user.
      var CLIENT_ID = 'Insert your client ID here';
        container: 'auth-button',
        clientid: CLIENT_ID,
      // Step 4: Create the view selector.
      var viewSelector = new{
        container: 'view-selector'
      // Step 5: Create the timeline chart.
      var timeline = new{
        reportType: 'ga',
        query: {
          'dimensions': 'ga:date',
          'metrics': 'ga:sessions',
          'start-date': '30daysAgo',
          'end-date': 'yesterday',
        chart: {
          type: 'LINE',
          container: 'timeline'
      // Step 6: Hook up the components to work together.
 'success', function(response) {
      viewSelector.on('change', function(ids) {
        var newIds = {
          query: {
            ids: ids
  • Hi Godfrey,

    I tried this but I am getting error : see the picture below:

    While creating the client id I have used "" URL in javascript origin and left empty the AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URI.

    I am not getting the error.


  • Hi Godfrey

    Its working now.I did changes in "APIs & auth" -> "Consent screen"  and it starts working.

    Thank you so much for your response.

  • I had the same problem too. However, I was able to resolve it by enabling my account's Analytics API. Thank you for sharing your Google API and authentication settings.