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Communication log mass updates


Communication log mass updates

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My communication log "More actions...." menu shows 5 "Mass Update" links. I have no clue what each of them do?

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  • Hello matman,

    I am also having this duplicate mass updates on a fresh install. Let me check it out with the developers.

    Thank you,
  • Hi matman,

    Sorry about this. I just found out that the mass update links are replicates of the mass update pages listed in the object view page. You can configure it however to your liking.

    Let me know if this helps.

  • You can delete these additional pages: use Object View page, Pages section.

  • Tracked as PSC00316209

  • I do not know why I didn't check this earlier (didn't know Mass Update has a page), but I just noticed this:

    I have no idea why and how these pages have been added to the Comm. log, but they were added a while ago. Of course, removing these pages also fixed my problem. Really don't have a clue how these got added though...

  • Hello,

    I also just tested it in a new Rollbase Instance and it also created multiple mass update pages. The defect number is also specified meaning it is really a defect.

  • Alright, glad I didn't make a mistake :) Thanks!