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Relationships bug


Relationships bug

  • In the past I created a relationship between an Employer and Employee object. Even though I deleted the Employee record, it still seems to be stored in the list of related Employees. Picture 1:

    Picture 2:

    As you can see, there are only 3 Employee records, yet 5 are shown when requesting all related Employee records to the Employer. I smell a bug, do you smell a bug? (Note: I remember that 108195717 is a record of an Employee I deleted a while ago.)

  • Unsurprisingly, it cannot find the related record values when iterating through them:

  • Checking with the dev team here if this issues is anyway related to Will post back.

  • Hi Matman,

    A workaround until things are confirmed would be keep your recyclebin clean (if not completely at least the records of type employee)


  • If what  suggested, fixes your issue then may be this indeed is related to the case we are already looking into. So, please let us know the suggested work around works for you.

  • Unfortunately I cannot open your link because I don't have access to the support platform (I'm using trial). After cleaning the recycle bin, the "Original Formula" section no longer shows the ID's that don't exist. However, when u take a look at the "Parsed Formula" section, u'll notice that the LOOP output is the same as the previous picture (3 empty iterations):

  • Of course these would be addressed by the bug around the issue. From your result I see that it only shows the two employees. It would do good to have some sanity checks on the loop variable (empty/undefined check on .name or other fields used) and proceed with processing only if you find valid values  until the bug is fixed.


  • I'm happy to report that sanity checks seem to be unnecessary. rbv_api.getFieldValue() returns correct database values:

    The bug won't cause me any problems, I was actually busy setting a trigger on 'after update' to permanently delete records that were removed from the relationships list of the Employer.

    Thanks a lot for the support! Is there any way I could get access to the support platform? I'm doing research for a company to see if we could start using Rollbase for our purposes.

  • Support Account is available only for paid customers. You could signup for a one user developer account. That will entitle you for a support account.

    Having said that this forum will gladly help you out with any questions you might have.


  • I noticed a slight difference on the related case. Defect PSC00313672 has been filed for this defect, instead. Will keep you posted for any updates.
  • Thanks!

  • Have there been any updates regarding this defect? Because of recently discovered Rollbase limitations I had to add triggers, but they won't run when my fields refer to records in the recycle bin.

  • The fix is included in Rollbase release which is scheduled for December 2014.
  • Great! Thanks a lot!