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Application Tree view missing


Application Tree view missing

  • So, I have an application in Rollbase Version2. I already transferred it to Version 3. and suddenly the applications tree list view was already missing. See image below(A)

                                                        Img A

    This image is for the role that only accessed one application. 

                                                                       Img B

    and this is for the admin role.(Img B)

    What i want to have is like this from the version 2 of the application(Img C)

                                                   Img C.

    How can i fix this? You're help will be much appreciated.

  • Hi jcepeda,

    This is a known bug that is fixed in subsequent releases. Request you to upgrade to or later.



  • My current version is 3.0.3. It still not working. The sidebar menu still missing. I can only see recent items that I opened.

    See attached file.

    Can I have a screenshot that sidebar is working?

    Thanks Patel!

  • The confusion stems from the fact that we now have the new Application selector in the Application header itself.

    The feature details after the bug fix are as follows:

    - AppTree is only visible to non-root customers provided it is enabled in the Account Settings page for that customer

    - With the new Pacific UI enabled, root customer as well as those customers who have not chosen AppTree option will see the new Application Selector in App Header rather than the older sidebar selector.

    - If you choose to disable the new Pacific UI and stick to old legacy UI (not recommended), the old app selector or app tree (based on conditions above) will be visible in the sidebar.

    Please let me know if you still have doubts.

    For a non-root customer with Pacific UI enabled + App Tree selected in Account Settings this is what we see.