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Rollbase codepage

  • Hi,

    We have a couple of oe service objects imported in Rollbase. The codepage used in OpenEdge is ISO8859-1 for database, appserver. The problem is that when using french caracters in Rollbase these characters are displayed in a different codepage.

    Is it possible to set the codepage in Rollbase to ISO8859-1? The problem we are having is that the database codepage is ISO8859-1 and I would avoid the conversion to UTF-8 if possible (already in production).

  • Hi Mihai,

    May I know what database server are you using in your Rollbase private instance?

    Thank you,
  • Hi Gian,

    The Rollbase repository is on a OpenEdge database as well. It has a ISO8859-1 codepage.


  • In the next version of Rollbase the embedded OpenEdge DB will install with UTF-8 as the character encoding, but as Mihai says, it is ISO-8859-1 in Rollbase 2,2 and earlier.
  • Hi,

    Same question on upgraded environments. We have a 4.2 RB version and a 3.2.4 version in place. Both versions have an OpenEdge Object in place which connects to the same service.

    Version 3.2.4 displays the correct formatting:

    While version 4.2 displays the incorrect formatting:

    Is there a codepage setting in 4.2 that can be added?

    The only difference I see is that the 4.2 environment has a rollbase database that has been upgraded from 3.0 using the incremental files and the 3.2.4 is a installation from scratch using the installer.

    Thank you,


  • Can you try version 4.2.1 ? In 4.2.1 we fixed issue with handling UTF-8 characters for sendJSONRequest method.

    We use sendJSOnRequest internally to query OpenEdge Service object


    Just FYI - the latest version is 4.2.2, So better to download that.