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A question about uploading documents directly into Rollbase and their subsequent backup


A question about uploading documents directly into Rollbase and their subsequent backup

  • Hello

    I have been pointed to Rollbase documentation where it states there there is a limit  to the number of documents that are stored in a System Backup (currently equivalent to about 10MB)  due to 'disk space limitations'. However there is no limit to the amount of relational data that is backed up.

    The advice seems to be to ensure you have these documents backed up elsewhere.... e.g. an Amazon Cloud Storage account. My feeling is that in practice this might be a nightmare.

    As an example, say I have 500 documents uploaded into my Rollbase database and each is 1MB in size. I presume that, as a fully managed service, Progress is taking care of the backup on a daily basis (i.e. relational data and ALL documents). If there is a problem in the Rollbase infrastructure then Progress should be able to recover all data.

    What happens however if on a particular day a Rollbase user accidentally deletes important data requiring a restore of the previous day's backup by Rollbase Support.

    Is it true that all the relational data is restored but just 10MB worth of documents - equivalent to 10 documents of my 500 in the above example ? If so that would leave me with 490 relational records without attached documents. Is the suggestion that we identify the 490 documents from Cloud Storage (or indeed local storage) and upload them all again , after identifying all the relational records from where they were missing.

    If my understanding is correct (and I hope it isn't) it all sounds very unmanageable (and worrying).

    I can perfectly understand the need to restrict the size of the System Backup Zip file but surely the uploaded documents could be made available by FTP access or similar. This would allow each Rollbase account to take separate Document backup in bulk. This would be restored in bulk (in my example 500mb) at the same time as the System Backup was restored and everything would then be OK.

    Has anyone else faced and solved this issue or is it really not an issue?

    The only thing I can think of is to store all documents in Cloud Storage only (i.e. NOT in Rollbase) and provide URL links from Rollbase.records to these documents.

    I'd be grateful for any suggestions or clarifications. Thanks.


  • Hi Richard,

    I understand your query and below is the explanation:

    As per documentation it says "Due to disk space limitations, backup files include only up to 10 MB of data files. If you want to backup data exceeding the 10 MB limit, you must configure and manage your backup using your own cloud storage account."

    But if your backup file size is more than 10MB request you to contact Rollbase customer support to restore your data from a particular backup file and we would be able to provide you the complete backup of your data even if it is more than 10MB.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Richard,

    Progress devops team have procedures in place that backs up all data - relational and file data frequently.

    But Rollbase being a multi tenanted system this backup job does it for all customers as a whole.

    So although this ensures your data never gets lost, restoring from this would result in longer down time and so is not advised.

    What we recommend is the feature for backup and restore built within Rollbase which is being referred here.

    Rollbase allows every customer to periodically backup (self service) their own data and in case of  a disaster restore (with devops help) the entire data. For this feature the following restrictions apply - we backup only if your file size is less than 10 MB. However you can mitigate this today by doing a one time move of your file data to your own Amazon Cloud (S3) account and back it up yourself.

    In next release we are planning following enhancements, we will be increasing the limit from 10 MB to a much higher number (stay tuned for next release notes) and also Rollbase will do the backup for you even when data is put in your own S3 account (if data is less than the new limit).

    However if you have data more than our newer limits your options are to

             - Backup yourself by configuring your own S3 account (same option that you have now)

             - Contact support/sales about how you can increase your storage entitlement.



  • Thanks for your reply Mani

  • Thanks for all that Anoop. There are some aspects that are still not clear to me but I'll wait until the Release Notes you mentioned are available. Do we get notified about the release notes automatically or do I need to hunt for them ?

    Meantime I will look at an Amazon S3 account.