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Accessing ABL Logic from Rollbase Hosted cloud


Accessing ABL Logic from Rollbase Hosted cloud

  • Hi there

    As the title states, is there a way for me to access ABL Business logic residing on our servers from the Rollbase Hosted Cloud environment?

  • The answer is similar to OpenEdge Mobile (not surprisingly because the two work similarly for business logic on premise behind the firewall, and the 'client' in the cloud (or on personal devices).

    The trick is that you need to expose you OpenEdge REST services at an HTTPS endpoint that is accessible from the public internet.   Once you do this, you can access your OE Business logic from Rollbase as either API calls via the sendJSONRequest (in Rollbase Object Script), or as on OpenEdge Business Object).

  • You can access „Business Entities“ usiung the OpenEdge Adapter of Rollbase.

    If you want to execute custom methods or procedures you must export them through the REST Adapter and use something like this in a Rollbase trigger:


       var objId = {!id};

       var custName = "{!name#text}";

        var response = rbv_api.sendJSONRequest


    '{"request": {"piId": '+objId+', "pcName": "'+custName+'"}}',







    This calls an ABL method and passes the id and the name as input parameters.

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  • Thanks guys!