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Incoming Emails?


Incoming Emails?

  • So there is no way to add an additional related field or anything else you could manually do that would put that email in teh correct record manually as well? Also, can you use gmail for incoming mails but rollbase for out?
  • This feature will be enhanced in coming releases.
  • Have you came back to this topic yet? The ability to attach an email to a record that it did not originate from?

    It has been while since the last time I was told it would addresses in a coming release.
  • Yes, this is available now:

    1. Open Gmail tab

    2. Select incoming email

    3. Click "Communication Log" button

    4. Select record from the available choices (if email sender can be recognized) or "Select from the list". Il later case select object type and record from Selector window

    5. That will create Communication Log record for selected Rollbase record and selected email
  • Any plans on the gmail inbound feature to allow the attachments to be viewed as well. Maybe allow you to attach an attachment to a record or at least view it in the email.
  • We'll try to add this on road map.
  • This (or similar) would be perfect:

    "Yes, the real the benefit would be an 'incoming email' trigger, which had access to {!recipient} , {!subject}, {!body}, {!attachment} and ability to save the attachment against a file upload field.

    Then we could do things like forward scanned images to our document register, or update the status of an object based on a client's reply to a system generated e-mail etc. "
  • Marking as answered, as this has now been added to our roadmap.
  • Can we see your roadmap anywhere?

    When are you planning this function?
  • Any idea on an ETA of the feature of allowing incoming email back to a record?
  • We have already built such a functionality. We would like to do some improvements on this part. Is it wise to wait for the release of the import functionality or is this a long term decision regarding your roadmap. We are also interested in the roadmap for the upcoming months.
  • Waiting for more info from Rollbase.....