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Is there a report link string option?


Is there a report link string option?

  • Is there an option to use a string to generate a report? Something like {!REPORT.43435#URL}? If not, would this be possible to link the the report for places elsewhere in Rollbase?
  • We don't have this type of template tokens, but I can enable them in the next release.
  • That would be great if you could add it. Could you provide options for an HTML version and a PDF version of the report? Thanks!
  • I'll make tokens {!#REPORT.854637#url} available for all formulas and templates in 3.8.4 release due tomorrow.
  • I am using Rollbase 4.4 and I want to get the link of a tabular report to be accessed from somewhere else in Rollbase application.

    But the documentation says that this #url is not supporting for tabular reports.

    Can anyone please suggest me how can I get the link to a tabular report.

  • Hello Janani,

    If i'm not mistaken the report link component should be accessible across all page types in the platform. You should be able to pull a report it and place it anywhere.

    If you just need the URL itself, given the fact that #URL isn't currently an option, I suggest placing the Report link component inside of a hidden section and using js/jquery to access the URL itself.

    ex. var myReportURL = $('[name="Section Name"]').first().find('a').first().attr('url');

    If you have more than one report you can just specify an index.


    var myReportURL1 = $('[name="Section Name"]').first().find('a')[0].attr('url'),

    myReportURL2 = $('[name="Section Name"]').first().find('a')[1].attr('url');

    Unfortunately, this workaround will only work on the client-side (which I hope is enough for your requirement).

    On the server-side I have to poke around but I hope that this can help you out.

  • Hello mpiscoso,

    This method works. Thank you very much.