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[XML] Error: Too many Ids requested


[XML] Error: Too many Ids requested

  • Hi All, I have received the error Too many ids requested while trying to generate a backup of one of our applications. I have read from a previous post that this was due to the attachment of seed records. However, we have already successfully backed up this application before with the same seed records attached. Additionally, we did not add any more seed records to its stack. See image below.  For the specific zone in question, there are only 459 seed records attached. I hope we can resolve this since we have to perform our year-end backups for all of our zones so we have a copy of our 2011 XMLs. Thank you very much, Piscoso Martin Rollbase PH
  • Please make sure that you're using the latest code.

    If problem persists please send me full exception trace. You can find this info in main.log You can also have dump directly on page if you add setting


    to shared.properties file