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Delete Objects?


Delete Objects?

  • Can I delete any objects in the systems or are some of the objects mandatory or suggested to keep?
  • 1. Yes, you can delete objects (and their records). You'll need to disable object first and that coll off for 1 hour.

    2. Yes, some objects (such as users) cannot be deleted.
  • Need a list of the default objects that come with the system I can delete with no effect to the rest of the system.
  • Generally any object with an integration name that starts with $ or is in all caps are system objects. The failsafe way to check is to edit the object defnition -- you will be able to undeploy a system object.

    Here is a list of the default system objects that cannot be undeployed or deleted:
    Communication Log (COMMLOG)
    Department ($ORG_DEPT)
    Function ($ORG_FUNC)
    Location ($ORG_LOCN)
    Group ($GROUP)
    Settings ($SETTINGS)
    User (USER)
  • If I am running a private cloud, is there a way I can remove the 1 hour waiting time for me to completely delete the object?
  • Delete all records prior to deleting object and you should be able to delete it without waiting time.
  • Thanks, just that out after asking this. My next question is, how about the waiting time when deleting applications? is there any way of overriding the waiting time?

    Thanks so much
  • Add entry


    to file on your server. That will eliminate waiting time and add some debugging info to output.
  • Thank you very much! That would greatly increase my customization time.

    Really getting what your domain says, getsatisfaction...

    Great having you as a business partner.