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File Upload SIze


File Upload SIze

  • File Upload SIze? Is it adjustable or no?
  • Yes. Each "File Upload" field can be configured to accept a different maximum upload size. This can range from 512KB to 2MB at the maximum.
  • To change this setting, go to the object definition and edit the field upload fields you want to change.
  • Since I'm running a French proofreading company, we are exchanging big PDF, Word, In Design files both by uploadin and downloading. The 2 MB max size is really low. What do you suggest to make our proofreading process possible on Rollbase with big files ?
    Thank you for your answer.
  • Hi Thibault, Rollbase is not currently designed to store large files, we recommend using a file sharing service that provides URLs to your files such as You can then use these URLs in your Rollbase records to point to the large files. You can also create a "Web Tab" in your Rollbase application(s) to embed a site like MediaFire into your app.

    Others to look at FileFactory, FileDropper, etc. For more see:
  • Hi Matt,

    I am surprised 2Mb is the limit! Now a days, 2Mb is nothing! Is this truly a limitation? I would consider a limitation 10 or 15MB. If we want more storage, then charge extra. Also, I am not sure if you keep records of previous versions. Would the limitation be removed on Private Clouds?


  • If you want to go beyond 2MB for file attachments you can activate Amazon storage for any tenant. As a Private Cloud customer, or Hosted ISV Partner, you have control over whether each tenant uses the Rollbase Storage engine, or Amazon S3. Also as a Private Cloud customer you can configure maximum file size.

  • CLARIFICATION: The file upload and image upload size limit can only be increased in the installed version of Rollbase (Private Cloud).

    With private cloud you can configure any upper bound as the file size limit regardless of whether you use Amazon or the Rollbase Storage component as the storage backend.

    However, with Hosted Cloud ( you are limited to an upper file size of 2MB regardless of whether you use Rollbase Storage or Amazon S3.

    SHORT ANSWER: You can only change file size limit beyond 2MB in Private Cloud.