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Is there a survey application available?


Is there a survey application available?

  • One of our clients would like to add a survey for people to take after they complete their online registration. Is there a survey application available?
  • Survey functionality is built into the system, but I don't have demo application currently available. Will try to fill this gap ASAP.
  • I've created a sample Surveys application which can be found on our Applications directory:

    Hope that will help.
  • Thanks Pavel!!
  • Hi Pavel,

    I tried to use your demo App. In Survey object, there is Category field that is required. However, I don't see a way to add a category. Where is this added? As such, I am not able to successfully add / create a new question for survey
  • List of categories can be managed from Questions menu (tree)
  • great! thanks a bunch!
  • Hi Pavel, I'm having a hard time making the Survey delivered App in Application Directory work.

    When i click on the portal, there is a link that says "Please take Our Customer Survey". Then I click on the said link, I get into a page that asks for my personal details. There is a section "Please Answer Survey Questions" but I don't see the questions/survey items that I need to answer.

    Help please.
  • Perhaps you need to select/create these questions first. Please check Chapter 13 for more info.
    In general please refer to our documentation, it is complete now and may help in many cases.
  • Hi Pavel, i already created a list of questions. checked out Chapter 13 and configured the app and portal as directed.

    Actually I used the Survey application in App Directory, added a list of questions. Tried to access the portal yet I encountered this problem.

    Is it possible for me to send you a credential and you can try to look which configuration I missed?
  • Please submit support request so I could take a close look.