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View inputted comments in workflow status change


View inputted comments in workflow status change

  • How can we get the inputted comment for every workflow status change? I wanted to see all the comments that I put in every workflow status change that I did. I wanted to see the comments in list views, view page and reports.
  • There is a component "Comments Table" which can be added to every record's View page. You can also have report on comments - it's listed as an option on New Report page.

    What's your idea of displaying comments? Can you provide some prototype so I would understand you better?
  • For example, I have a Position Object that has the following workflow status: Created, Approved, Cancelled, Closed.

    One position record can be changed from Created to Approved to Cancelled and in each status change, I provided a comment. I would then want to create a report that details the changes I made:

    Status from Status to Comments
    Created Approved Hiring Manager approval
    Approved Cancelled Cancelled this position since it is no
    longer needed

    How can this be done in Rollbase?
  • OK, I'm working on this issue among others. I'll twit when I'm done:
  • ok, thanks. i would have to create a twitter account then :)
  • In case anyone needs to know the syntax for looping through comments in Formula fields, it's like this:

    var i=0;
    return i;
  • This formula actually should work if you have a base object in scope (on view page, for instance). In the future we may provide a better support for comments and similar objects in Query API.