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picklist default.

  • Why does the default function for picklists only work with creating a record and not edittign an existing record? Shouldnt it default to that value regardless? Example: I changed an existing picklist to now have a default. When I add a record i do not have that field in the ADD form, but i do have it on the edit and view side. When you view or edit it it is blank - not set to the default?
  • Hi Tory,

    Picklist default values only apply to when you are creating a record, otherwise this would cause problems for people editing records who may not want that value and would have to remember to change it.

    If you have a group of records for which you want to update the picklist values, you can do a mass update.

    Hope this helps
  • The problem is that when you create a record if that field is not on the CREATE form it does not set the default. Which goes against what a default is. If i create a record and i choose a picklist to default to X it should be x - but it leaves it blank. Then when you go to an edit screen it is blank. Shouldn't the default field work even if it is not on the create form?