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Cannot send the FTP Backup file to a specific directory.


Cannot send the FTP Backup file to a specific directory.

  • The FTP Backup does not appear to work properly when I create and then specify a directory in which to place the file: I get an email indicating success, but the file does not show up anywhere on the site. When I remove the directory, it does get to the FTP address. As our company has over 20 customer zones, having files labeled "BackupYYYYMMDD" will make things confusing. This is why I need to make the directory feature work. I have read the newly created Chapter 14 on the backups, but the details for this do not exist. Do I need to specify anything other than the directory name? is there a way for me to debug this myself in the future?
  • If you specify a remote directory FTP backup runs "cd" command using that exact directory name. I suggest you login to your server, than run "cd" command using your exact directory name. Please let me know what you've got.
  • The file finally did show up in the directory, even though it was submitted before the one to the main ftp address. Perhaps there was some sort of network issue. At any rate, I will set it up to run automatically tonite and see how it goes. Thanks.
  • Please provide the following:
    - FULL path to your folder on the server
    - FULL path to FTP landing directory
    - parameter you use for CD command
  • After running the Backup using "Run Now", the automatic FTP Backup was set for 9/14/2010 at 6 pm. It apparently never ran; I received no email regarding success/failure.

    - our Springettsbury Zone

    - ftp location is

    - folder is Geo30_Springettsbury_Backups

    I have attached the rollbase setup screen.
  • is IP address, I'm asking about folder on you server's hard drive. You can run ls command to find out.
  • sorry, the IP address is When I FTP to this server and perform the "ls -l" command from the ftp> prompt, the directory is Geo30_Springettsbury_Backups. I cd to this directory and can see the file which was generated on 9/13.
  • So when you login to FTP server you're already in Geo30_Springettsbury_Backups folder (that's what you said). Than why do you need cd command at all?

    Suppose you land into

    You want to store your file in

    Than you need to run command
    cd springsberry

    You need also ensure that FTP user has access to all the folders above.
  • No - when I ftp in and I issue 'dir' or 'ls' command, I see the Geo30_Springettsbury_Backups directory displayed as a directory. THEN I can cd into it.

    Am I supposed to be specifying the 'cd' command in the FTP Backup job? the screen says "Optionally you can specify name of remote directory. In this case uploader will run cd command after login to FTP server."
  • I need to change this text to:

    "sub-directory of remote FTP directory".

    Perhaps you're doing everything right. However I cannot help you further. Please check security on your server and make sure that sub-directory is accessible.
  • Finally, the first automatic backup started running on 9/18. 2 other zones's backups executed this morning. It is not clear exactly how the specified date is being used, so i have scheduled a number of them to start in the early AM [weekly] over the next few days.
  • 19 of 20 FTPs now seem to be executing, which is great. However, 1 has not run successfully as yet - the joblog seems to indicate that on 10/1, 4 of our backups were queued, but only 2 completed successfully. The job log indicates that

    (1) job (3735589) - started but did not complete.

    (2) job (4260949) - does not appear to have started.

  • Please check "backup" log file on these zones - you can do that as ISV partner.