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Disable sorting in views/related lists


Disable sorting in views/related lists

  • We have customers who prefer not to sort columns in a list view. We did this by creating a custom table instead of using the related list component. However, when we create new records through quick create, the custom table is not refreshed. Is there a way to disable sorting in views/related lists so we do not have to create a custom table? thanks!
  • by the way, i added a code to refresh the parent window in "onunload" of quick create page but it does not run after unloading.
  • I can disable sorting on View level (like "Hide Actions" option).

    As for onunload, I've added the following script


    and it pops up a message every time I navigate from that page. So I thing it works as expected.
  • Hi Pavel,

    Could you please show me how to disable column sorting? Even if I removed all sorting options, the view can still be sorted via the column heading.

    As for onunload issue, this is what I did:
    1. Go to Object definition
    2. Go to Quick Create page
    3. Click Properties. Type "alert("unloading");" in onunload textbox. click save
    4. Go to the object's tab. Click Quick Create to create a record.
    5. No alert was shown after record creation.

    Onunload works for other pages (new, edit, view) but not for quick create.
  • Well, "Quick Create" is not a real page, its pop-pu. Perhaps we should hide event handlers for this page.

    Disabling Sorting is already implemented and will be deployed before next Monday. This option will be available from View Edit page.
  • Thanks. The deployment of this feature will be in both .COM and .PH?
  • First on .com than on .ph - like any other feature.
    I'll tweet on http://twitter.com/pvorobiev when done.
  • The feature has been deployed on rollbase.com
  • Tested working in Rollbase.com. Thanks!