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Adding too many date/time fields?


Adding too many date/time fields?

  • Is there a max # of date/time fields I can add to an object? I am trying to add one now and it is telling me i can not - It gives me this error: Error Cannot add more data fields of selected type
  • Yes, there is a limit to number of fields you can add to any given object:
    - 200 string fields
    - 150 integer fields (including check boxes and single-selects)
    - 50 decimal fields (including currency)
    - 50 large text fields (including file uploads and multi-selects)
    - 50 date and date/time fields

    This will be in Rollbase documentation as soon as it will be available.

    In reality these limits cover all possible scenarios. If you're hitting these limits most likely you should re-design your application. Consider this: instead of having fields for each day of month (year) you can create related records for each day of month.