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Pop up window


Pop up window

  • Can you use java to make a link become a pop up window? That way you can acces a record and not leave the current page you are viewing?
  • Hi Tory,

    It is possible to build a custom Template field to achieve this. I will plan to pass on an example after the Thanksgiving break.

  • Any luck on this?
  • Generic HTML to open popup:


    url: url of page you'd like to open. For portal pages you can use template URL
    'popup' is a symbolic name for popup window
    'options' allows you to choose popup's options. Google window.open for more details

    Place this HTML into template field of template component to use page's URL.
  • I am confused on this. What is a template URL? Is it the URL Field? I do not know where to start?
  • 1. Open any page for editing.
    2. Drag "New HTML Component" from left panel.
    3. Open that component for editing.
    4. Select your portal from left combobox.
    5. From central combobox select token for URL to portal's page
    6. Paste that token into your HTML component.
    7. For popup window use HTML construction in my answer above

    Hope that will help.