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Changing field data or multiple workflow fields?


Changing field data or multiple workflow fields?

  • Can you run a change of field value trigger off anyting besides a Create, Update or Delete? Or can you have 2 workflow fields on the same form? We want to have workflow based on 2 fields or have a way for someone to hit a link that changes the data in a field other than the workflow field - Is any of this possible?
  • Yes. You can create as many triggers as you want to automatically change the values of any fields (not just workflow status).

    This is called an "Update Field Value" trigger and it is designed to "Update the value of a Field in this Record or a Related Record". Go to your object's definition and go to Triggers > New Trigger. Here you can select "Update Field Value" and follow the steps...

  • I am having issues with the if than statement on a trigger - Do you have an example of one for a checkbox field?

    Example: If the checkbox "credit" is checked then change another field - if not do nothing.
  • Yes. We created a Trigger in your account called "Update field value if Credit is checked". This sets the General Notes field value to "This was updated by a trigger"

    This was done as follows:

    1. Create a Trigger of type "Update field value" to run on After Create and After Update.

    2. Select the General Notes field to change.

    3. Use the following trigger formula (this is just an example that happens to work in your object now but can be changed as needed):

    if ({!functions#id}==7181202) {
    return "Credit has been checked";
    else {
    return "{!general_notes}\n\nCredit has NOT been checked";