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Flexibility of automatic fields created with Object Attributes


Flexibility of automatic fields created with Object Attributes

  • I have created an object with the attribute Task. A field called "Assigned To" was automatically added, with a lookup to a field "User" in the Organization Management application. I would rather not use the Organization Management application and would rather the "Assigned To" field lookup could be reassigned to a field in my application, or at worst, hidden. I have created a Relationship with the field I want and created my own lookup, but that really doesn't take care of the issue. Bottom line: how can I flex the automatic fields created when using Object Attributes? I must be missing something here.
  • User is system object which represents all users of the system. Our Calendar component utilizes the fact that Task (and Event) is assigned to particular user(s). Other that that it's up to you how to use your Task object and what kind of relationships it should have. Feel free to edit task pages and remove fields you don't need.

    When you assign an attribute to an object that creates a group of fields for that object. These fields cannot be deleted one-by-one to preserve integrity. You can, however, delete all these fields by removing object attribute.

    Hope that would help.
    Pavel Vorobiev,
    Rollbase CTO
  • Hi Ron,

    As Pavel alluded to, the simplest solution for you is to simply edit your object's pages and remove the "Assigned To" field from those pages so it is not used.

    The User object is not part of the Organiation Management application, rather it is an object that is included with Rollbase itself. The User object is what allows you to login (it stores your username, password, role, name, phone number etc). Part of the beauty of Rollbase is that even the User object can be customized since it is a custom object like any other.

  • This is very helpful. I would like to have more than just Users able to own tasks that would show up on the calendar. I recognize that a user would set up the task, but I'd like to be able to filter the calendar for a body of people much larger than just the users. Any recommendations?
  • Does your system allow for user groups or roles? That way a task or event assigned to a group of people will go to all in a group or role?
  • Rollbase supports both roles and users' hierarchy. Users' permissions can be assigned per role and per relationship with object record. There are other ways to provide sophisticated Access Control Layer:
    - field-level permissions
    - users' hierarchy
    - department/location/function tree

    I'll be glad to help with more specific questions.
  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I signed up for a trial account - Can anyone speed that up for me? I am impatient! :)