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SSO login on portal


SSO login on portal

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On the documention of version 5 I can't find if it's possible to configure SSO login on portal.

I have an Object Collaborateur, Contact type.

I can connect from login form, my customers want to login to the portal from their SSO (Azure, SAML or Google).

Is it possible ?

As a workarround I actually use SimpleSAMlPhp to mock the authentication, and it's not comfortable.



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  • Hi,

    Portal SSO works as follows

    1. The portal login page must be configured with USER object.
    2. Login to Rollbase using SSO (Azure, SAML or Google).(if configured)
    3. Hit the Portal URL and you can see the portal is logged in automatically.
    4. If the user is not logged in, and he is hitting the portal URL then he would be redirected to the login page of the portal( this will take API credentials of that particular user to log into the portal)

    If you are expecting the user to redirect to SSO login page via portal login page, this is not possible with the current implementation of portals. The SSO login has to be done from other means like IDP login page or rollbase login page, then redirecting to the portal page will automatically log you into your portal without asking any credentials.

  • Hi,

    Ok, but I can't use USER, my object is constructed on Contact. Our solution is big (~200 Mo xml total, in 13 application) and we can't refactor it to do that.

    Can you your latest explanation : if I have Azure, Google or SAML as IDP (what I want) how can I login users ?

    have you got a concrete exemple implementing Google or Azure as IDP for exemple ?



  • Hi David

    The Authentication is strongly typed to the "USER" object. Configuring SAML auth in tenant will use the User object. Without using a "USER" object, authentication through SAML is not supported in Rollbase.

    the below documentation link will help you understand SAML authentication configuration in Rollbase.

    Thanks and Regards