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Hide the Filters List in HTML report


Hide the Filters List in HTML report

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Is there a way to hide the following filters list section on the HTML report page?

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  • Hi Janani,

    There is no direct way to hide the filters in Rollbase, however, you could use JQuery to hide the filters on page load.

    On page load, you could use the below code to hide the filters





    Hope this helps !



  • Hi Shivani,

    Thanks a lot for your answer. But since this is a HTML template report, I cannot find a place to call the jQuery to hide the fields.

    This does not have the 'Design this page' option and I tried adding the code to 'headers and footers'. 'custom sidebar' as well as the HTML report itself.

    But so far nothing works.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Janani,

    Currently, there is no way to add the suggested script dynamically to the report page. Could you log an enhancement for the same.