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Image does not appear when rendering html as PDF (Doc.Template)


Image does not appear when rendering html as PDF (Doc.Template)

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When I'm using a html-template with a logo (image) this is ok as html.

When i set "Render as PDF" the image not appear in the document.

Private cloud.


<img align="left" border="0" height="30" src="{!#SETTINGS.invoicelogo#url}" width="148" />

Any idea?

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  • Hi smartsysISV,

    I can see logo coming correctly when HTML template with Rendered as PDF in 4.5 version.

    Which version of Rollbase you are using?



  • Hello Stein,

    I could not replicate this either - tried it in both 4.4.4 and 4.5.
    Can you try with a simple test case - if reproducible, then please share the app [and the details of the logo image field in the Settings object] ?

    Thank you,

  • Yes, the same template is fine in both 4.4 and 4.5 in the public cloud.

    You can use a template like the one i show in the initially case-description.

    In html everything is fine, when render as pdf the image disappear.

    It has to be something with the pd4ml-congfig in my private cloud, but I can't see any options.

  • Follow these steps to enable PD4ML config in your private cloud:

    - Log in to master/root tenant

    - navigate to /master/system/liveProps.jsp

    - Add an entry with these values

    Key: enablePD4MLDebug

    Value: true

    - Now perform the PDF generation and you should see some PD4ML logging in tomcat logs (<tomcat>/logs/catalina.out or catalina.<todays_date>)

    If the image token was correctly resolved you will see PD4ML making a request to fetch the image using the URL. Verify that url to ensure that the image is reachable from the server.

    NOTE: Remember to turn off this setting later, if you are in production.

  • Here is errormessages in log:

    version: PD4ML 3100 Pro DMS

    cache disabled.


    loading [1003ms]

    Connection refused: connect: (socket timeout 0ms)

    image has zero length.

    can not load image:

    done in 1059ms.

    I can see errormessage "Connection refused" and socket timeout?

    But if I try to open this address form a web-browser the logo is loading ok.

    If i try to show this template as html (and not render as pdf) it also works fine.

  • Hi Stein,

    Make sure the server (not a client browser) can resolve DNS name and has a routing to it. Log into the server and try to load any URL with wget,curl or anything similar.



  • Looks like internally from inside prod servers, the is not reachable. Please check your internal connectivity ( do a curl  from within prod/master/other  servers to verify)
  • I had the same issue.

    Problem in internal connectivity.

  • How do you fix this?

  • Your network guys should be able to resolve this.