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[4.2] - Text Area field empty string


[4.2] - Text Area field empty string

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I have a text area field and I have hidden its label for display purposes. However, when there is value in that field it looks completely blank and makes the user feel that there is something missing there. Would it be easy to display a message saying "No comments" or something like that? Kindly let me know.

It would be great to have a field property called "Empty field String" under textarea fields just for visual aiding.

Likewise, it would be a great idea to add a "Placeholder" field property for any field in Rollbase.



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  • Interesting suggestions.

    We have encountered this situation in our own internal apps and we use the capability to not show a field when it's empty.  It has worked well for us in particular for Mobile rendering when you have objects with lots of fields and some of them are often empty.  Check the property "Hide Empty Field".

    For now, you would have to use custom coding to implement this. Check if value is empty (use a string token) and set text value when that's the case.

    Thanks, Thierry.