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Translations Disappeared (4.2)


Translations Disappeared (4.2)

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Hi all,

I'm preparing my environment for the rollbase 4.4 update, therefore I translated all the applications(even in tenants) because customers really wanted to choose between Dutch and English. 

Every application is translated succesfully, except for just 1 application. For this application the translation is accepted but after I log off / on the translation disappears, I already tried to translate the fields manually, by editing the fields, but this gave the same result.

In the Audit Trail I can see the field values have been updated manually, by me, but the translations are gone.

Kind regards,

Lenn Smink

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  • Hi Lenn,

    I am investigating this issue. Could you please share the app xml with some seed records, for the application in which you are facing the issue.