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push update - Organization Management Application


push update - Organization Management Application

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I want to add field to object location, department etc. and update all my tenant.

Is it possible?



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  • Hi,

    Please follow the steps in the doc. Here is the link http://documentation.progress.com/output/rb/doc/#page/rb%2Fpushing-application-updates-to-other-tenants.html

    Please let us know if this works for you.



  • Hi,

    This doc is good for normal applications, But I want to update the Organization Management app (the app of rollbase).

    How can I update Organization Management app?



  • Install the Organization management app to a fresh tenant (from the Marketplace/app directory based on your version). Make the changes and then export the app. In your private cloud instance, login to master tenant, goto marketplace/app directory > published applications. Edit the organization management published app entry to have this new app.xml. Then use the push updates to send updates to existing tenants.

  • On private cloud, you could just directly make the modifications on the objects in Organization Management app by logging in into Master Tenant.Once you are done with your changes:

    1. publish the application

    2. Visit the Marketplace App -> Published Application Tab.

    3. Click on Organization Management app.

    4. You should now see a "Push Updates" button on the top.

    5. Click on that button and choose the tenants you intend to update. Remember to check the "override existing changes" checkbox.

    6. Push the changes.

    That's it.

  • Hello!

    Thanks you all for your answers.

    We are using ISV platform at the public cloud.

    Is their is any way to edit the organition managment and to update all our tenants NOT via XML because We have many tenants.



  • someone??

  • I think you could use the REST methods available in Rollbase to install applications in an automated way (install/installByAppID). And next to that you could create an enhancement request to create an api for the 'push update' functionality as well (where you could enter a customerID /tenant and application ID etc.)