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Webservice json response to date


Webservice json response to date

  • Hi,

    Im working on a serverside webservice call rest/json. In the response i get a date with format dd/MM/yyyy.



    When i want to put the date in a variable and use rbv_api.setFieldValue or rbv_api.updateRecord i get the error "not a date".

    Here is a snippet of the code:

    var v_date1 = new Date();
    var v_tenaam = new Date();
    var v_afgnl = new Date();

    //loop trough result
    var i;
    for(i = 0; i < v_arr.length; i++) {

    v_date1 = v_arr[i].datum_eerste_toelating;
    v_date1 = rbv_api.formatDate(v_date1, "dd/MM/yyyy");


    rbv_api.setFieldValue("vehicle1", {!id}, "vehicle1d_firstadmission", v_date1);

    How to set te value v_date1 to a correct format to update a record?

    Regards Jorrit

  • Hi,

    I managed to write a function to set the date to string:

    function format_date(v_data){

     var v_day = v_data.substring(0, 2);

     var v_mon = v_data.substring(3, 5) - 1;

     var v_yea = v_data.substring(6, 10);

     var v_date = new Date(v_yea,v_mon,v_day);

     return v_date;


    its working.

    Regards Jorrit