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New button on related list - Portal Object View page


New button on related list - Portal Object View page

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In portals we can create a view page for an object and have the respective fields, related list views for that view page. However I don't see the option of creating a new related record in those related lists on the view page. Is there a way I can enable this through some settings?



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  • This does not appear to be possible. Can you share a screenshot of where you see the button and where you don't?
  • Hello Karthikeyan,

    I am looking for the new button in the related list view. I am not sure how this would get displayed. See the attached screenshot (where the arrow is pointing). This page is the view page of the main record.

  • Any luck with this?


  • Hello Iram,

    Sorry, it has been a while since you had raised this question.
    I'm assuming you might have already moved on with your own implementation.

    Default behavior - the new Record button is not available in the Related list section.

    As a workaround, you can, however, create a new Create Record portal page, obtain its link value (from the Template Token), and use it in your own link (by creating an HTML component on the View Record page - not within the Related List section).

    Thank you,

  • Hello Karthikeyan,
    Many thanks for your reply. That is what I am doing at the moment, however, going forward, is this something that is going to be supported? Kindly let me know.
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  • Hello Iram,

    I missed seeing your last comment.

    For the future implementation of this functionality, it is best you log an Idea - as the Product Management has to take the call.