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Custom view doesn't help to restrict the records in the grid view??


Custom view doesn't help to restrict the records in the grid view??

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Hi All,

In case of hiding records in the grid view for specific group of users I used custom views with filter conditions and enable that view for those user after disable the 'all record view' permission for them. 

But recently I noticed that when the user activate the filter for the grid, they can see the view filter and by removing those filter conditions they can see the records which they are not supposed to see.

Is this a known behavior of Rollbase?

Is there any way to keep those view filters non-removable? or

How can the record restriction can be implement for users with different user roles?

Thanks and Best Regards,

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  • Yes it is a known behaviour. You can hide the filters.

    Follow the below steps to hide the filters

    1) Login as Administator

    2) Click on Design this page of record list page

    3) Click on drop down icon of List view

    4) Check the "Disable Filtering" option and save



  • Thanks Srinivas,

    But I still want to have the filtering facility to those users since they really need it. Is there any other way I can achieve this purpose?



  • We are aware of this limitation and the impact it has on the usability. Rollbase provides ability to restrict records via view filters and allows for disabling of the filters options for non-admin users. However, as you stated, additional filtering capabilities are required for the non-admin users.

    The item is part of our short-term roadmap but I cannot give a release number that this will make in. Will update this post as and when a concrete release plan for this item is available.

  • Thank you Santosh,

    For the time being I am trying to have cloned record list page for non-admin users with configured detail search option (even though this is not what I want but helps me partially) and disabled filters. Hope this update will happen soon.

    Thanks & Regards,