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[4.0.4] - Importing a Many to Many relationship


[4.0.4] - Importing a Many to Many relationship

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I have two objects A and B with a Many to Many Relationship. Object A (M:M) Object B.

I have an excel sheet with data that I imported to object A and same thing for object B.

No I have another excel sheet (2 columns) with the associations between A and B, something like that :

FirstColumn : SecondColumn

A1  :  B1|B2|B3

A2 :   B4|B1|B2

A3 :   B5|B12|B3

where A1,A2,A3 are records of object A and B1,B2,.. records of object B.

What is the best way to import the relationships between these two objects ?

Thank you


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  • Hi guys,

    Anything on this please ?



  • Hi Merky,

    Please follow the steps in the below link


    I have tried and i could import the related records successfully.

    Here the IDs of the related records are to be available in the Excel sheet i.e instead of B1| B2 in column 2, it should be ID of B1| ID of B2.

    Please let me know if the mentioned link doesn't work for you, I could provide detail steps to import the related records.



  • Please try this link


  • Hello,

    Thank you it is working fine now. This is what I was doing before except that I am using a unique field instead of the Id.

    Don't know why it didn't work first time.

    Thanks anyways.