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  • Hi Guys ,
    This is Dushyant here and I am an absolute beginner  here .=, and am interested in learning how to develop app on this platform.  But here , the documentation has been less than helpful. Usually I am able to forums and stackoverflow to help me with learning a technology , but somehow , the info about rollbase is pretty scant . Any resources besides the official documents that I may refer to .


  • Please go through the following video.


    Hope you have gone through this documentation documentation.progress.com/.../




  • Hi Dushyant -

    Can you provide us more information on what exactly are you looking for and can't find in the documentation?

    We would prefer to fill the gaps if any in our documentation to help ease the user experience for everyone.



  • We don’t have stackoverflow.  Perhaps we should but this forum is the right place for you to ask question.
    We intended users to get started by following some basic tutorials.  The Getting started is accessible from the hamburger menu like on the screenshots below:
    From there you can access, among others, this page, which has been completely redesigned and should cover what you can do with the platform.
    Please let us know if this is fitting your needs and if not what is missing.
    Thanks. Thierry.
  • Thank You , Mr. Murali for taking the time to reply to this .

    More specifically , I have unable to get my head around Workflow Process .

    I have read the documentation , but it has left me confused . I think it deserves a video of its won .  

  • Thank You , Mr. Srinivas for posting the links here , though I have already gone through them .

    However , after going through it again , more specifically , I could not wrap my head around Workflow .

    I have read the documentation about it .

  • Hi dushyanth,

    Let me try to help you on workflows with my two cents.

    You might already aware of some of it.

    So workflow has 3 things

    1) Workflow process

    2) Workflow status

    3) Workflow actions

    i) Workflow process is that which is combination of  workflow status and workflow actions

    ii) Workflow actions will change the workflow status from one status to another status

    first create workflow statuses, then create workflow actions to change status from one another.

    Make sure you should make Workflow actions available workflow status edit page.


    Workflow process : Default

    Workflow status: Created

    we will get by default which we can rename or delete.

    Now create new Workflow status say 'Done'

    Now Create workflow action say "Make Done" to change the status from 'Created' to 'Done'

    Then Edit the Workflow action 'Created' in that page select the 'Make Done' in available actions move it to Selected actions and save.

    Now if you create a record its status is going to be 'Created' and workflow action 'Make Done' is going to be available with which you can change the status of record.



  • Hi Dushyant,

    www.youtube.com/watch - This is a link to a webinar that explains how workflows work and how it can be created. This may help you.