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Date Format changes - Rollbase Version


Date Format changes - Rollbase Version

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May I know where the Date format setting is being taken from? Is the Date Format a hardcoded value of "MM/dd/yyyy"? I have tried to change date Format settings under "My Settings" and also under "Localization" settings as well but it doesn't change the Date format for the user. May I know where this setting is taken from and how can I make it use some other date format if I wanted to?

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  • Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to your response on the timeframe. As a workaround, I think I can get it to work by getting the date format from the calendar button's onclick value and then convert the date I want into that format. This way it will work regardless of what format the user chooses. Kindly let me know if that is a viable solution.

  • I also want to know the same. Where is the format being taken from?