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Validate required Fields Trigger keeps firing


Validate required Fields Trigger keeps firing

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I have a new record form that has a related lookup field that needs to be filled in before the record is created/saved. I am using a validate required fields trigger to check that. In the earlier version of Rollbase i.e., this used to work perfectly fine. However in the latest release i.e. this validation trigger keeps failing despite having a value in my related lookup field. Any suggestions why this is happening? I am calling the trigger before create/before update.

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  • Hi,

    I tried the case below case as well.

    In CRM app, Added validation for Account look up filed.

    Getting the error when try to create a contact without providing a value for account.

    It is working fine for me.

    Note: Make sure that both Contact and Account objects should be in Core Objects but not in Dependent Objects list.

    //Could you confirm to me that you are trying this validation before creating the record?

    Yes. The validation is happening when creating a record. Means, record is not getting created as expected by throwing that error.

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  • This is confirmed defect: PSC00331315

  • Thanks for confirming that. Could someone possibly help me out with a solution that I could use on the client side instead of using server side validation?

  • You can add script for onsubmit events on Page > Properties page.

  • Yes I can add script for onsubmit events but how do I verify whether a lookup field's value has been set?

  • It seems like problem only appears when integration name of Lookup field is not the same as integration name of Relationship. By default these names are identical.

  • So if we make the integration name of the lookup field same as the integration name of the relationship, will this solve the problem?

  • Yes, it should. Otherwise please wait for release of fix.

  • Defect PSC00331315 has been fixed and will be available for the release
  • Hello,

    Just a quick question: has this issue been fixed in the New UI version: Kindly let me know.