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Workflow action condition bypass


Workflow action condition bypass

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By setting a workflow action condition I made it possible to only proceed to the next workflow status when that condition is met. But I couldn't help but notice something:

I copy the link generated for the workflow action when the conditons are met, and then make sure the condition are no longer met:

Now, when I enter the link in my browser and press enter, I get to the status change page:

When I press save now, the status is changed:

This basically mean that I can navigate to other workflow statuses without having to meet the condition for that status change. Isn't that a defect?

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  • This is defect: PSC00315541

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  • Hello,

    I just tried this and it seems like it's a defect since it shouldn't allow the user to access that page. I'll try to ask the development team if this is a known issue.

    Thank you,


  • This is defect: PSC00315541