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Private Cloud 2.2 : Generate XML


Private Cloud 2.2 : Generate XML

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I have a problem to export application XML file.

Some objects not already exist and are marked in red. The objects not found, as shown in the screenshot.

How can I fix it ?

Thanks and regards.

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  • Hello araqiel,

    It seems that some objects are not added to the application in which you were generating the XML. Can you go to the specific object that contains the error and add it to the list of core objects in the application edit page.

    Let me know if it works.

    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    I removed all core objects and reattach, same problem.

    But the missing objects, not exist in Rollbase...


  • Hi araqiel,

    Can you check the page where the view is displaying? It cannot find the view because it doesn't exist anymore and the list view you are using is set to that view. Can you go to that page and remove the default view for that object's list view?

    Thank you,


  • Please check this for list of errors and how to fix them: