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Unable to access Rollbase Native or Portal


Unable to access Rollbase Native or Portal

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Since we tried to install Rollbase in the public cloud yesterday, I am unable to login to Rollbase with users and passwords that worked previously in the private cloud with local host .

I also get an error when I  try to use the link “Forget Password”.

The errors is:  Error: Invalid User Name or Password. Please try again. If you have forgotten your password, please use "Forgot password" link to reset it

When I use "Forgot password" link, the error is:An account with user name johans@qbcon.com was not found.
Please contact your System Administrator or try again.

Can anybody PLEASE help as this is my first application and I need it urgently.

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  • What Public Cloud account did you use to import your private app into Public Cloud ?

  • Rollbase Public Cloud needs Progress ID for login. Private Cloud (localhost) users are not imported into public cloud automatically

  • Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I think my statement was misleading. I meant that I could not access the application that is currently on my pc.

    It is a private cloud installation on local host(I also used my pc's IP Address to test the portal within our network on my Ipad). Is there a way that we can see what users is on Rollbase?

  • What changes did you make from yesterday ? Did you try to upgrade to new version ?

  • The problem has been solved in the meantime thanks to Stephen from Aigs. Problem was that admin1 user was deleted.

    Thanks for all the help.