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  • Implement feedback mechanism

    It would be nice to have a way to collect feedback about Rollbase applications. Like the feedback mechanism we have in Telerik Platform that takes a screenshot, allows you to specify even further on that screenshot and allows you to add comments. A...
  • Workflow / Approval enhancements

    Approver / actor is now only user-based: add role-based / function-based approval Create an API for starting an approval / workflow with a list of actors/approvers (function groups/roles/users) Return value of approval is now always $APPROVED; enable...
  • add getPicklist() to the SOAP API

    currently there is an administrator-only function that can be used getFieldDef() but to enforce role/user view permissions for picklist items, we need to have getPicklist(), this is currently available via server-side API and RESTful API
  • Have hierarchy of objects (inheritance) possible

    Hello, It would be great enhancement to have object inheritance (hierarchy of objects) possible, just like in any Object-oriented programming language. For example, this would allow the following things: Have an object "Person", Have...
  • Create an API for setting the landing page per user / role

    It can be useful to have a different landing page set than the initial landing page (i.e. welcome page of some sort, which should only be shown once). At this point there is a possibility to set a landing page per role and per user either from the backoffice...
  • Need an actual address from the 'from' array member of rbv_api.getMessage...

    When returning an an email item from this method, the 'from' array member contains a string of 'Firstname Lastname' convention. duplicates, misspellings and improper email client setup are the fist few things that come to mind about...
  • Counter in menu options

    • Under Review
    Is it possible to add counters in menu options (vertical design, new UI) like the counter near the recycle bin. It would be nice if we can easliy add some scripts there to count specific stuff.
  • Masking of portal links embedded on a website

    • Under Review
    Hello, Currently when we embed a portal page in an iframe on the website, we have links that belong to the original platform rather than the website we are embedding it in. It would be great to have an option of masking these links automatically masked...
  • Unset File Upload

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be a nice feature to have a method to unsetFileUpload similarly to the one setting the file (similarly as the setBinaryFieldValue) to remove a field upload field or empty it. It is now achievable using rbv_api.setFieldValue("testFileUpload"...
  • Get Page Tab Index

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be a good idea to have a function called "rbf_getPageTabIndex(tabName)" that takes in the name of the tab and returns the index of that tab. Full details mentioned here: