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  • Link LDF of object to logged in Portal user

    When a user that is logged in on a Portal creates a record, the LDF fields are not set. Altough the portal user is linked to a user type object that contains valid LDF settings, For more info see Case - 00370067
  • Improve Error Messages/Emails

    • Under Review
    We received an error message with the following details in the Emergency Email Address. It doesn't mention which Installation/Component and the Tenant it was generated from. It would be good if these information can be included in these error messages...
  • No global search box in the new UI on a mobile device

    In the new UI on a desktop PC, the global search box remains at the top right of all pages. But, in the new UI on a smart phone, there is no global search box. With all the deficiencies of the detailed search form, it would be very helpful to have some...
  • SOAP/REST API issues with date/time and duration fields

    • Under Review
    1. Integration using external systems has some issues when trying to implement a single, generic piece of code using SOAP/REST API 2. If the environment has timezones/daylight saving, results appear inconsistent through the use of either selectQuery alone...
  • Better handling of Workflow Action conditions

    We may be using a couple of workflow actions beyond the way they were originally intended, but we have set up a method by which people can close a case from a link sent to them in an email. This link is the URL to workflow action (which uses a status...
  • Access Control for who can Empty the Recycle Bin.

    Access Control for who can Empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Functionality for Recycle Bin

    Backup / restore functionality for Recycle Bin
  • Cancellation and Deletion of Record

    CANCELLATION OF RECORDS 1. We created two object named : OBJECT 1 and OBJECT 2. 2. OBJECT 1 is related to OBJECT 2. (The relationship is OBJECT 1 is to many OBJECT 2) 3. OBJECT 2 is under the OBJECT 1 view page. 4. Create a new record to OBJECT...
  • Currently processing import

    • Under Review
    Hello, Currently, we have the option of performing an import using a spreadsheet. Once we start the import, there is no way of knowing what is being imported. It would be great to have a designated page that shows the file that is currently being imported...
  • REST API for creating roles

    For a full automation of creating Rollbase customers / tenants from an external interface it would be very nice to be able to create roles via an API as well. Now a new customer gets the role of (first) administrator automatically which is not what all...