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  • Cancelling a Trigger

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could cancel the triggers that were started using the "Run Triggers" option under the Triggers menu for an object. Full details are mentioned here:
  • Email API - Add function delete Mail Message

    Incoming Gmail/Exchange allows you the ability to delete emails from inbox. I would like the smae functionality via the Email API Regards, Stephen
  • Email API - rbv_api.getMailMessage() Return values to include the actual email a...

    Currently the from, to, and cc fields retrieves the display name of a contact (as assigned by their email client/organisation). Examples include: Name Surname Name Surname (Company) Surname, Name: Company Company - Name Surname The display...
  • Expose the name of the user who created a Rollbase report

    Currently, end users have no way of identifying who created specific reports on our Report tab. It is sometimes helpful to our users to know who created a report so they can ask questions or request modifications to the report. Currently only admins can...
  • Need to enforce record locking for workflow actions

    We have a workflow action on our Case object titled "Take Ownership". The Take Ownership workflow action can act against one or more case records and it immediately sets the Owner field to the current user on affected case records. The workflow...
  • Responsive GridControl layout

    Even though the Rollbase screens are responsive for mobile phones and tablets, the grid controls are not responsive and the mobile screen is not enough for the fields. Presently Rollbase supports only a fixed Table Layout for GridControl component....
  • Add & Maintain Cards from a Centralized Location

    Hello All at Rollbase Community, I think it would be a good idea to manage and create cards from a centralized location in the app to eliminate the need to document what cards you've created and what objects they are related to. I think a good...
  • Automatically Select Approver

    • Under Review
    I'm using the Rollbase Approval function to approve a record. What I want to accomplish is making Rollbase automatically select approver, so I want to skip the 'Select Approver' page, otherwise a customer can select another colleague to...
  • OpenEdge Service Objects Improvements

    Enable all cardinalities between Rollbase native objects and OpenEdge Service objects Enable lookup fields in grid controls to OpenEdge Service Objects Currency fields (Rollbase) to decimal fields (OpenEdge) / Semantic types?
  • Validation onblur of field - Portal

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great to have some validation on a field when the user loses focus/tabs out of the field rather than on submit for Portal pages like how you currently have for NewUI pages. Cheers. Iram Full Details are mentioned here: https...