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  • Increasing the Granularity of Rollbase Administrative Permissions

    • Coming Soon
    We find the lack of granularity in Rollbase Administrative Permissions to be very limiting and would like to see more control and configurability as far as the specific permissions that can be given to a User Role. To provide examples, below is a list...
  • Time fields weird behaviour in Server Side formulas

    Hello, In Rollbase, it is possible to create "Time" type of Fields. Those allow the user to set a time (hour and minutes) in a day. When trying to manipulate this kind of fields in Server-Side formulas/triggers, we get a weird behaviour using...
  • Map a many to many table relationship from SalesForce to Rollbase

    I'm importing several apps from SalesForce that have objects with many to many relationships . In SalesForce these are manually created junction objects where Rollbase handles this type of relationship internally. I want these many to many relationships...
  • Allow multiple page layouts for same object and user profile

    I want to be able to have multiple page layouts for a single object and user profile. For example, I have a project object maintaining both defects and mods. I have fields unique to defects and other fields unique to mods. When I select a defect project...
  • Add filters above field names in List views

    The filtering available in List Views seems comprehensive. However in day-to-day operations most businesses are usually trying to select a record based on fields in the list. The above arrangement works very well. There is a filter box above (optionally...
  • DataCollection of FIles/Attachment

    We need a better functionality for collecting files/attachment and attach this to a record. Today we only have upload of one file to one record. Ex. * A batch-import directly from some cloud-storage with a trigger to attach this to records * Extract...
  • Lookup-filter ->"sql-where"

    We need a better solution to attach dynamically lookup-filters. Could we get a script with a returning "SQL-Where" to filter a lookup. The filter have to have the same function on both picklist and selectors.
  • Auditing Application Changes

    • Under Review
    Managing and auditing changes in applications is seriously lacking on a large scale. There is no easy way to see what changed in an application from one version to the next when working with a larger team of developers. It would be really awesome if we...
  • Stop Storing State in the Session.

    • Under Review
    There are a number of places where the application flow is awkward because some of the state is managed via session. This gets really confusing if, for example you have opened multiple windows in the same session, and you are doing different things in...
  • Better Handling of Formula/Trigger Timeout

    • Under Review
    Currently when there is a timeout running a formula or trigger, the user is presented with a long error message displaying a part of the formula text. This is not meaningful to the typical user, and very difficult to bug. It is also messy if it goes into...