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  • Improve synchonization (reduce delay to 0) between Rollbase UI metadata updates and...

    • Under Review
    (This is more a request to focus on an existing features shortcoming, than a new "Idea", but wanted to garner support...) Various users have noted a delay between making updates on the Rollbase server to Object metadata (adding fields/triggers...
  • Email to Case logic

    We need the ability to convert a customer support email and any attachments into record(s) in Rollbase. Running a customer support center on Rollbase would be difficult without the email to case feature because a vast majority of our customer communication...
  • Rollbase Calendar: Change color marker and add text

    When creating an event, it would be nice to be able to change the color bar in the calendar entry. Right now you can't change the text that is in the calendar entry, it would be nice to be able to choose the text that you want in the calendar entry...
  • Add a "Current Day" indicator to the Calendar.

    • Under Review
    Hi Guys, Most online calendars indicate the selected date and also the current day...could your calendar do the same? maybe just a very light border around the current day or something.... see samples. (copied from Post:
  • Add Link Button to Grid on Edit Page

    • Under Review
    For related objects, there is no ability to link existing records in an edit page when using a grid control. It's confusing to have to do this in a View page and we need the grid capability to capture information on related records. Would it be possible...
  • Allow Auditing for Text Area Field

    • Under Review
    Currently, fields of the Text Area type cannot be set to be audited in the field properties. We would like the ability to audit Text Area fields.
  • Allow non hierarchical reflexive associations

    Hello, As of now, it is only possible to create one type of reflexive association (Relationship to the same object): Hierarchical reflexive association. (One to Many) For instance, it is possible to create a relationship in an "Employee" object...
  • Increasing the Granularity of Rollbase Administrative Permissions

    • Coming Soon
    We find the lack of granularity in Rollbase Administrative Permissions to be very limiting and would like to see more control and configurability as far as the specific permissions that can be given to a User Role. To provide examples, below is a list...
  • Time fields weird behaviour in Server Side formulas

    Hello, In Rollbase, it is possible to create "Time" type of Fields. Those allow the user to set a time (hour and minutes) in a day. When trying to manipulate this kind of fields in Server-Side formulas/triggers, we get a weird behaviour using...
  • Map a many to many table relationship from SalesForce to Rollbase

    I'm importing several apps from SalesForce that have objects with many to many relationships . In SalesForce these are manually created junction objects where Rollbase handles this type of relationship internally. I want these many to many relationships...