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  • Uncollapse grid control on click of "Add"

    • Under Review
    I just noticed that a grid control section doesn't uncollapse when clicking the "Add" button. It would be less confusing for new users of my application if it were to uncollapse automatically.
  • Add trigger and workflow calls to the REST API

    • Complete
    Currently it's not possible to call workflow actions and triggers via the Rest Api. It is possible to work around the trigger problem (explained below). Because a workaround is possible it's also possible to simulate workflow actions. However...
  • Extend filterName and filterValue parameters

    • Under Review
    Scenario: "Retrieve 5 websites of website owner 'Matt' from Rollbase using the REST API". We must use filterName and filterValue to select the website owner 'Matt' by his Id. ([relatedWebsiteOwner]=[websiteOwnerId]) filterName...
  • Add a means of warning Rollbase users their session is about to time out

    This was posted by Tom Callen in the 'Community' group instead of 'Rollbase' :
  • Sort Views alphabetically for the current user

    I want to have all my views sorted alphabetically instead of in the order in which the views are created. When you have an object like cases or projects with dozens of views, it gets unmanageable without having them sorted alphabetically unless you give...
  • Need Workflow, Delete and other buttons available for a Mobile enabled application...

    When I set an application to be Mobile Enabled and run it from a mobile phone, only the Edit button is available from the view page of a record. I'd like to be able to act on Workflow button on that object for approvals, workflow status changes, deletes...
  • Improve the selector component

    When entering data in text fields which have a lookup (or dropdown list) it is not very user friendly. Also the look and feel of the screen after a value is selected isn't very nice. The value of the selected item is displayed below the text field...
  • Add [required] tags to Rollbase documentation API params

    • Under Review
    In the Rollbase API, it is sometimes unclear which parameters are required for a REST / SOAP API call. Because of code logic and prevention of bad API calls, I do need to know which are required. It would be nice if I were able to see this in an instance...
  • Update wrong field description

    • Complete
    "You can specify a maximum size for files from 128KB up to 2MB." "You can specify a maximum size for images from 128KB up to 2MB." The size dropdown field actually allows me to specify a size from 128KB up to 50MB.
  • Set section default collapsed or not collapsed

    • Under Review
    I'd like to be able to load a section collapsed, without having to collapse it with rbf_setSectionCollapse() on load.