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  • Event Popup Reminders Customization

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be nice to have the ability to customize the content of the events popup reminders. Also we think displaying all the reminders in one popup window could be a nice feature. So if there are many overdue items, they could possibly be displayed...
  • Add configuration option to inject custom scripts as a system-wide feature

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could have the configuration option of injecting custom scripts as a system-wide feature (i.e. across all tenants) instead of application-wide. Cheers. Iram
  • Responsive UI: make order of fields modifiable

    Consider the image below. You can see there two ways of ordering fields on a page. The image shows the desktop version of the page, and the desired order of fields when you make the screen smaller. The first situation is when we have a column order...
  • Add built-in support to select a custom selector page

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could have the option of setting a custom selector page in the design page of the New/Edit page for lookup fields and View page for Attach buttons. Both the lookup selectors and attach buttons open selector pages and it...
  • Allow triggers to be linked to buttons next to field changes

    At this point you can define triggers which you can link to a certain object's field change. It would be nice to be able to attach that trigger to a defined button (which would make the trigger execution time something like 'on click' etc...
  • Allow Changing Send From Address for Emails per Trigger/Send

    • Under Review
    Presently, each customer instance allows a default send from email address and the system plugs in the current user's name. I would like to request the ability to define the Send From option per trigger and when sending using the "Send"...
  • Change role automatically after customer tenant creation

    If you want to deploy a ready to use app without the need for development, it would be nice if we can hide the development functionality and set the first admin user role automatically in a specific business users role automatically during tenant creation...
  • API to convert records using data (conversion) maps.

    I have a scenario where I might want to split a record of type A into records of type B and C. B and C may have have a relationship, so the scenario would go as follows: Use the convert API to convert Record of Type A to Record of Type B using the...
  • Ability to access forumula and related fields in JSDO

    • Coming Soon
    Any field defined as either formula or related field do not contain values in JSDO. This is hindering the development of mobile apps using JSDO as the values from these fields are necessary to display on the app. Without this feature, a very complex code...
  • Need ability to swap out uploaded file without URL changing

    We had a situation arise recently where our Marketing department sent an email out to all of our customers but then realized a link they provided in an email points to the wrong document. Instead of sending out a retraction email to all of our customers...