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User Exception IP Whitelisting

To improve the system security, we applied IP whitelisting. Although, we need a user role to be exempted to the IP whitelisting as his task is to travel around and update the records in the system.

Currently what he does is to request to whitelist the IP address every time he works in a new location.

We need a solution to exempt his USER ROLE from the IP whitelisting that is currently applied in the system.

This feature can be read through the Rollbase (security page) manual but apparently, this is wrongly worded by the manual writer.

  • This is possible currently as we have an option to choose the Roles on which the IP whitelisting will be applied. So you can remove the Role which this user belongs to. So his IP wont be restricted.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for replying but this is not working on us. What version should we use? Currently, we are using

    Please advice.

    Thank you!