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Translation of "New" button and quick create header

It is not possible to translate the new object button and the header of the quick create dialog. In English this is no problem, but because "New" in Dutch is sometimes is translated as "Nieuwe" and sometime as "Nieuw" this becomes problematic. In the example below we have "adres", it is default translate as "nieuwe adres", but this is not correct Dutch.

Examples: New button

Example quick create: quick create

Status update

Adding option on page edit to specify the translation of the Page Name for different supported languages.

  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with all the nuances of the Dutch language.  Have you given any thought about how we could best solve this problem for you?  In other words, is the proper use of Nieuw or Nieuwe structured enough that there could be a programmatic solution to determine when to use each, or do you think the best thing to do is to allow the admin to specify in the definition of the object itself?

  • To help me prioritize these changes, can you please let me know the criticality of this for you?  In other words, what is the impact on you if we don't add this feature?