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Rollbase v2.1 Suggested Navigation Bar

Since I cannot add images to my existing threads:


I have to start a new thread.

I have taken some time to further enhance my original suggested improvement to the Rollbase header.

In fact - this is something we will implement internally even if you don't, but we would prefer it to be part of the core functionality.

Comments from other Rollbase users appreciated - I'm happy to keep working on Bootstrap styleing design enhancements if they get support and implemented.

It's just easier if we help improve the core product than keep these things to our own internal builds.


OUR SUGGESTED DESIGN - simple, elegant, in-keeping with bootstrap UI design experience, convensions and usability reserach.

EXISTING DESIGN - do let me know which you prefer ;o)

  • I REALLY do not like the v2 header.

    How is it an improvement when you have removed the following handy links:

    Application Settings - gone

    Application Objects - gone

    Application Tabs - gone (yes, I know how to find them in 3 clicks, but it was better available in one App menu)



    Application Directory

    Home Page link

    My design above could cater for this - as did the previous v1 design.

    I really am not happy about the direction the cosmetic lipstick added to promote the Progress name but interfere with the original design ethos that was working well. I don't believe that kind of naive branding is good for Progress either.

  • There could also be another simpler option for this, for those that have a larger number of Applications:

    To the right of the "Home" link in my design, add a lim "Apps" that gives a dropdown of all the applications, with nested drilldown into all the Objects within each App - a simple, scaleable, useable, and expandable solution to navigating our development work all within one click.