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Rollbase Navigation Bar(s)

I have quickly mocked up in Photoshop some suggested improvements to the to bar screen real-estate.

I suggest that Applications be made available as main and sub-menu options in a main menu system similar to that used on Google but using the standard Bootstrap Navbar:

I don't see why Progress needs repeating twice, or what 'Pacific' has to do with anything.

This top-menu should be configurable - with each application having the option to be shown or not and if shown, to be a main or sub-menu link.

We see the left nav bar as the developer navigation for navigating all the applications that we have in development in Rollbase, that is hidden for non-developer users and the top-nav bar as the non-developer users main way of navigating the available applications.

Then, within each APplication, you have the same tabs and sub-tabs navigation that there already is for navigating objects and pages.

For example...